Our Product


“Have you had your rice today?” This common question illustrates the importance of rice in African and nations culture, particularly in Nigeria. Our instant fried rice is just perfect! It is made using authentic ingredients and with a classic rice receipe that you’ll want to learn how to make.


Instant Jollof Rice

Authentic we must say, using jasmine rice, authentic ingredients, prepared from a tomato based sauce blended with onion, sweet bell peppers and chilli peppers, our products gives you the same satisfaction you get when you eat your mum’s cooking.



We are able to offer an extensive range of canned products including tomatoes and vegetables, canned fruit and other processed products to meet your individual requirements. Our canned produce is available in our own Yuwi canned range and also other brands. Please get in contact for more information on our canned produce.


Herbs & Spices

We can meet the most demanding requirements, for both quality and legal compliance, a vital attribute in the 21st century spice industry. With over 10 years of experience in the spice trade, we can offer not only an extensive range of products, but a guarantee that all products, growers and processors in our valid approved supply chain have been rigorously evaluated and tested to our exacting standards.
Most products are always available from our warehouse stocks in either natural or heat treated/steam sterilised  form, in order to accommodate our customers’ many requirements.
Our warehouse is always stocked with both whole and ground spices and herbs too. Available in sizes ranging from bulk sacks down to retail packs, we are confident that we can always furnish our customers’ requirements.



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When you open a jar of Yuwi range of authentic ready to eat sauce, you can be certain of the love of those who planted, grew, harvested, manufacture and packaged them for your table.  Our sauces are unquie and free of all artificial ingredients, added sugar, preservatives and gluten free.